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Our History

Jennifer began her career in dogs at an early age of fourteen grooming and training Yorkshire Terriers for Sandy Spector. She was also trained by the Monks of New Skete by Brother Jobe in hand signal obedience training and by Michael Canalizo in conformation.

In 1987 her husband was the one who introduced her to Mastiffs, since her family came from German Shepards, Siberian Huskies, Great Pyrenees and Yorkshire Terriers. Jennifer told him that they were only going to look, so her husband took her to Deer Run Kennels. Well, that all changed after seeing all these magnificent dogs. Tobin Jackson took them into a waiting room and there is where they saw her. She was beautiful! This fat rollie pollie mastiff puppy covered in mud came barreling in and headed straight for Jennifer. At the time, she was wearing a white jogging outfit, need I say more. Well, her white pants had these big muddy paws all over her, and at that moment she fell in love and turned around and said “They will take her."

She did not show back then, however Tobin Jackson of Deer Run Kennels convinced her to show her, and Bucks County Kennel Club was her first show and she was hooked.

Well, the rest is history.

Tara“Ch Deer Run Tare Toa Tee” was the foundation Bitch of Agincourt Kennel.

Tara was bred to Rocky Hill Alexander and produced 5 puppies - 2 girls and 3 boys.

Her Daughter Rosie “Ch Agincourt Gypsy Rose” completed her championship in 7 shows, and was a superior mover in the ring and her daughter Deliala “Ch. Agincourt Sugar Magnolia” and her son Luke “Ch. Agincourt Elijah Luke” completed their championship just as quick. Tara lived until she was 12 1/2 years old, and her last show, at the age of 11 years old, won veteran class, at Bucks County Kennel Club.


Jennifer has been a breeder and exhibitor of top ranking Mastiffs, Pugs and Black Russian Terriers under the name Agincourt Kennels. She has bred and owned many champions in the past 20 years, and most of her dogs were owner-handled. She has obtained several Championship titles on her dogs as well as CGC titles. Her Mastiffs: Ch. Agincourt Gypsy Rose was feature in Time Life magazine to represent the Mastiff Breed at Madison Square Garden, and 9 years later at Madison Square Garden she was featured again on USA network to represent the breed. Ch.His Majestys Mighty Warrior was ranked #10 in the USA. Ch. Agincourt Sugar Magnolia has won several Best of Breeds and Best of Opposite Sex, Ch. His Majesty Agincourt Jester, CGC won Best of Winners at Buck County Kennel Club and went on to win several Best of Breeds. Ch. Aljac Agincrt Sophie’s Choice (Jester’s Daughter) won Best of Opposite Sex at Bucks County Kennel Club, Ch. Agincourt Sun of the Galaxy – “Copernicus” (Jester’s Grandson) was featured on Animal Planet, the Philadelphia newspaper several times, Philadelphia - Channel 10 News with the weatherman and MSG Network at Madison Square Garden.

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