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Ch. Deer Run Tara Toa Tee

Pictured here at 2 years old winning Best of Breed over specials out of the classes.
Pictured here at 12 years old 
The Foundation Bitch of Agincourt Mastiffs.
I remember the first day I went to see her, actually my husband was the one who wanted a Mastiff. I did not know what a Mastiff was, my family raised German Shepards all my life. I told him that we were only going to look. Well, that all changed after seeing all these magnificent dogs. We were taken into a waiting room and there is where I would see her. She was beautiful! This fat rollie pollie covered in mud came barreling in and headed straight for me. At the time, I was wearing these white jogging outfit, need I say more. Well, my white pants had these big mud paws all over me, and at that moment I fell in love and turned around and said " I'll take her."
I did not show back then, but Tobin Jackson convinced me to show her, so May of 1988 I took her to our first show Bucks County Kennel Club, she was 7 months old than and we were hooked.
Well, the rest is history.
Tara was no great show dog, but we fell in love with the breed from the day we took her home.
Tara was a great obedience dog, but I never trained her, she was self taught. I never housebroke her, and she never had a accident at all, not even when we got her home. We showed her the yard and that was it.
So, don't think that these guys are stupid, they are far from it.
Tara was bred to Rocky Hill Alexander and produced 5 puppies - 2 girls and 3 boys.
Her Daughter Ch Agincourt Gypsy Rose completed her championship in 7 show, and was a superior mover.
Tara lived until she was 12 1/2 years old.
Her last show, at the age of 11 years old, winning veteran class, was Bucks County Kennel Club.

Once you own a mastiff, you never can just have one!
These gentle giants are great champions, very loyal, easily trained, and always wants to please thier owners.